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Gel colour/ Shellac
 We have a range of more than 250 gel colours for you to choose from! Oops...
In case you find it so hard to decide on the color, our COLOR EXPERTS will always be there to help! Wanna match your nails with your pale pinky orange dress, or your 'red wine' lipstick, or your favourite  'aubergine' bag, or even...London crazily-changing weather !? Boom! Color 'mission impossible' will be done in just a few minutes.
 Our gel colours are from 3 most reputable brands: OPI, CND and Gelish so quality is guaranteed here in our salon. 
 Moreover, we frequently update our colour list to the latest trend so no fear of 'one-step-behind' the mainstream. 
It takes 30-45 minutes to get your Manicure/Pedicure with Gel colour done. And of course, the colour is dried by the time we finish putting it on your nails. So no more dead time for nails drying :)
Nails extension
What's the difference between Acrylic and Gel powder?
The only difference between them is the Gel powder stays longer and sticks more strongly on your nails than the Acrylic. You know sometimes we don't act 'soft' and lady-like like we're supposed to do and our pretty, long nails are often the ones to suffer the most.That is why if you think you tend to be quite 'rough' with your nails, then Gel powder would save you from coming back and forth our salon to fix 'one nail' all the time. 
We tend to do a full set which is thin and looks very natural on your hands rather than make them look obviously fake. So if you have a different preference for your set, please let us know before we start doing anything on your nails :)
Pedicure & Manicure
What makes our service exceptional from others is we offer a 'same time' Pedicure and Manicure (appointment required), which means you will have your feet done whilst having your hands done as well! feeling like a Hollywood star!
Additional pleasure, No extra cost! :)
White Tips
If you are a fan of white tips, below are some options for you to choose from:
- Normal color  £ 13  ( £12 Manicure + £1 white tips): It lasts around 1 week
- Gel colour      £  26 ( £ 23 Gel colour manicure + £3 white tips): It lasts around 2 weeks
- Pink & White   £  35 ( included Gel colour top coat: It lasts 2-3 weeks and your nails look just perfect as you wish them to)
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